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Pelvic Health

Awareness, Strength, and Healthy Habits for Optimal Functioning

Grateful Yoga, Evanston IL

April 14th, 2019


Learn about pelvic floor muscle structure and function, why a healthy pelvic floor is an essential element for all daily movements, organ functions, and our confidence as women. We will look at how this region is impacted by pregnancy, vaginal and cesarian deliveries. Discuss healthy bowel and bladder habits to further support healing. 

During this workshop, you will learn breath, relaxation, stretching and learn manual techniques to address pelvic floor muscles, which are often too tight/contracted following pregnancy and childbirth. Symptoms of overactivity can include urinary, fecal, or gas leakage, increased urinary urgency and frequency, increased fecal urgency, constipation, vaginal heaviness/bulging, pelvic/hip/low back pain, or pain with intercourse.

Relearn how to kegel the right way for your postpartum body.

Apply diaphragmatic breathing, abdominal and pelvic muscle engagement to address as well as prevent pain and dysfunction during exercise and daily tasks.